Passion Finder

Passion Finder

To succeed in business, you need to be doing work that feeds your passion such that it feels more like play than work. Otherwise, you will burn out in time and both you and your business will suffer.

To find your passion, you will need to narrow your focus to a single arena. From the following categories, choose one answer from Category 1 and one answer from Category 2. Category 2 further narrows Category 1. Answer 2 will put you in the general arena you are most interested in. From there, you can begin researching professions that fit your criteria.

1. I am most interested in working with:

____ A. People

____ B. Animals

____ C. Plants

____ D. Minerals or Chemistry

____ E. Technology or Science

____ F. History

2 A—People: I am most interested in helping people:

____ i. Physically (fitness, exercise, medicine, financial or business assistance or advice)

____ ii. Mentally and/or Emotionally (learning, growth, development, psychology, therapy)

____ iii. Spiritually (ministering, counseling, guidance)

____ iv. Culturally (anthropology, sociology)

____ v. Conceptually (advertising, marketing, idea generation)

If a category other than “people” was chosen, circle the sub-category (in parenthesis) that most closely fits your interests.

2 B—Animals (training, veterinary, grooming, ranching, zoology, biology, herpetology)

2 C—Plants (landscaping, nursery, horticulture, farming, botany)

2 D—Minerals or Chemistry (Geology, Chemistry, oil and gas, biochemistry)

2 E—Technology or Science (computers, electronics, scientist, mechanics, product design, astronomy)

2 F—History (history, paleontology, ancient civilizations)

Thousands of job titles and descriptions can be found online at sites such as

You might also want to take the Authenticity Profile to see how closely you are currently aligned with what you should be doing in life.

To the degree that you are living authentically, you will have the energy, drive, motivation and personal resources to create the life you dream of living.

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