The Super Highway to Success

The Super-Highway to Success

There are three areas in the lives of most people that are critical to happiness and a sense of well-being: health, relationships and money. To the degree that  any of these is missing, happiness and well-being are diminished. 

I will be covering all three from time to time, but am beginning with money. The reason is because, without money we cannot afford nutritious food or medical care to sustain health. Without money, we find ourselves in a worry loop that increases stress and the health hazards related to stress, and we are not very good company so our relationships suffer.

So how do we best amass enough money to live a wealthy lifestyle, epsecially in a world that encourages an ever-growing gap between the rich and ordinary people?  The answer?  Entrepreneurship. 

There is no better way on Earth to amass wealth than to have your own business – provided you are in the right business and are running it well. Unfortunately, where that is not the case, running your own business can be a bottomless time and money pit. 

The Small Business Administration estimates that 95% of all small business that get started fail within the first 5 years. The reason for the appalling statistics is that the majority of entrepreneurs go into business not knowing what they are really passionate about and/or not knowing how to leverage what they know into a thriving business.

Tools to Help You Get Where You Want to Go Faster

In the next few posts, I will be covering tips and tactics you can use to get to where you want to be faster, better and a whole lot easier. There is no value in struggling to achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve. In the fast-paced world we live in, we need to get off the many avenues that move too slow or lead us nowhere and get on the super-highway to success.

Tip one

Until you find your own true passion, you cannot achieve the levels of success that result in wealth. Passion and interests are not the same thing. Most people are interested in a lot of things that, while enjoyable, will not sustain interest long enough to build a successful business around.

To discover your passion, list your interests and project yourself doing each thing for a year. If you would still feel excited about doing that regularly, it likely fits with your passion. 

Once you know your passion, start thinking of ways to build a business around it. If you are already in business, how can you incorporate it into what you do?  If you want to achieve true and lasting wealth, you must be following your passion. Wealth and passion are synonymous.   

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