The Money Game

Are You Ready and Willing to Be Wealthy? 

That may seem like a rather strange question because consciously almost everyone believes they are ready and willing to be wealthy.  But the conscious mind is not what runs the show. The subconscious mind does and unless the programs it operates on align with your conscious desires, it doesn’t matter how much you want to amass wealth and it doesn’t matter how hard you work. If your subconscious relationship with money doesn’t support wealth, you will find ways to prevent making as much money as you want or, if you manage to make it, you will find ways to lose it. There are no exceptions.

Here’s a quick test to determine what your money limits are. It only takes a minute or two.

Think about the steps necessary to make $10 in one day. Notice how you feel. Pretty confident, right?

Now think about the steps to make $100 in one day. Still comfortable?

Go to $1,000 in one day; then to $10,000. How does $10,000 in one day feel?

Now go to $100,000 in one day. Still comfortable and confident or are you starting to feel a little unsure?

Now go to $1,000,000 in one day.  How about a million in one week? Does that feel more doable or are you still struggling with it?  There are people that make millions of dollars in a day so there is no question it is possible. The question is, does if feel possible to you?

How high were you able to go, actually envisioning the steps you would have to take – the actions that would get you there, before you began to feel uncomfortable?   At what point did your mind just check out on you?

If you feel uncomfortable or insecure with the idea of making $10,000 or more in one day, you need The Money Game: Play Your Way to Financial Freedom.  

In The Money Game, You Will:

  • Discover what deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs are holding you back and how to eliminate them (you will actually go through a process that will change your money paradigm forever)
  • Learn how to instantly raise and keep raising, your money “ceiling” so not even the sky is the limit
  • Broaden your sense of what’s possible so you become unstoppable
  • Learn how to inspire people to help you accomplish your goals and love it
  • Discover ways to make earning money easy and managing it fun
  • Develop a healthy, lasting relationship with money that will dramatically improve your financial condition forever
  • Get clear on the one thing you must know to ensure that money continues to flow to you freely
  • Learn what the wealthiest people are all good at and how you can develop that essential skill
  • Learn the three specific steps you can take to build a prosperous business starting NOW
  • Develop techniques and strategies that help you brilliantly advance your goals and execute your game plan
  • Discover new ways to generate revenue, attract customers, convert prospects to buyers, and ethically add more profit to your transactions

The Money Game is filled with practical methods for retraining your mind so money becomes a familiar friend. You will be given easy to follow exercises to help you establish healthy habits that will free up your time and energy, expand your creativity and increase your money-making ability.

You will create two money maps:  one mental and one physical. As they develop, your business and social interactions will naturally become harmonious and will fall into alignment with your dreams and desires. You will love what you gain from this course – guaranteed.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee
Try The Money Game: Play Your Way to Financial Freedom. If you aren’t delighted with what you gain in the first few sessions, just let us know at the end of the second part of the six-part course and your money will be refunded in full. No questions asked.

Super Special for the Upcoming Series
The live version of this course sells for $997 and is worth every cent. But we are on a mission to dramatically improve the money-making capacity of thousands of entrepreneurs because we believe effective entrepreneurs will be the force that turns the economy around and improves conditions for the majority of the population.

The best way to do our part is by offering this powerful course in a more convenient format and at a huge discount. So we are in the process of turning the live course into a self-paced online course where you can learn at your leisure. Because early subscribers will be our beta-test group, we are offering all six modules to 500 people for just $97.  After 500 people have purchased the series at this price and we know the format is working as we intended, the price will increase by $100. Still a great bargain, but to save $100, pre-register now.

Production of the self-paced online program will begin in March (2017). We will notify you when the first program in the series is ready.

There are three ways to grow wealth; earning money, investing money and saving money. The fastest, easiest way is to earn it doing something fun.  In The Money Game you will discover ways to put earning power in your passion, create a powerful money mindset, and learn some great negotiation tactics that can help you start making and saving money right away.


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